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  Objective of the Program  
Revival of computer branch of two countries, industrial production of some software-compatible models of supercomputers with a wide spectrum of productivity - up to billions operations per second. For achievement of this purpose in the context of the Program the complex approach is realized:

 Development of the Concept of creation of models of supercomputers "SKIF".

 Creation of pre-production models of base configurations of supercomputer systems "SKIF". Development of the documentation. Carrying out of complex preliminary and acceptance tests of pre-production models "SKIF".

 Creation of common information telecommunication space of the Program participants with an opportunity of the remote access to supercomputer resources.

 Creation of applied pilot complexes on the basis of supercomputers "SKIF".

 Personnel preparation and retraining for work with supercomputer technologies.

 The organization of industrial release of models of supercomputers "SKIF" in a wide range of productivity and system of their maintenance.

Complex realization of the Program will allow in rather short terms at small expenses to leave on own alternative, an independent way of development of competitive high-efficiency computer facilities that will meet requirements of a wide category of users.

Executors of the Program 
 The customer - coordinator of the Program from Belarus  - the National academy of sciences of Belarus.

 The customer - coordinator of the Program from Russia - The Ministry of the industry,science and technologies of the Russian Federation.

 The head executor of the Program - the state scientific institute "the United Institute of Informatics Problems of the National academy of sciences of Belarus " (UIIP NASB).

 The executor of the Program - Institute of program systems of the Russian Academy of Science.
 The main executors from Belarus :
  • Scientific research institute of the computers
  • Scientific research engineering and design republican unitary enterprise "Belmicrosystems" of the research-and-production association "Integral"
  • The unitary enterprise "Minsk production association of computer facilities"
  • Belarussian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics (BSUIR)
  • Belarussian State University
  • Military Academy of Belarus
  • B.I.Stepanov`s Institute of physics of the National academy of sciences of Belarus
  • The academic scientific complex "The A.V.Lykov insitute of heat and mass transfer"
  • I.R.T. National center
  • Republican scientific centre "Cardiology" of the Ministry of health of Bealrus
   The main executors from Russian Federation:
  • Institute of high-efficiency calculations and information systems
  • Enterprise "Supercomputer systems"
  • State Unitary Enterprise "House of optics" of the centre of science "S.I.Vavilov State optical institute"
  • Open Society "Incorporated airinstrument-making consortium "
  • Open Society "Research center of computer facilities"
  • Republican centre of science of computer telecommunication networks of the higher school (VUZTELECOM-CENTER) of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation
  • Computer center of the Russian academy of sciences
  • Military medical college of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation
  • Scientific research institute of space systems - branch of the Federal State unitary enterprise "M.V.Hrunichev State space research-and-production center"
  • The center of scientific telecommunications and information technologies of the Russian academy of sciences
  • "The russian scientific research institute of regional problems" of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation
  • Scientific research institute of mechanics of the Moscow state university etc.

 Results of the Program have received a wide resonance in mass media. Results of the Program "SKIF" were shown at the following representative exhibitions::

  • 25-28.02.2004- IV Moscow exhibition of innovations and investments
  • the 2-nd International exhibition of arms and military technics(Minsk, center "BELEXPO", 13-16 May 2003)
  • the 10 International specialized exhibition and the congress on telecommunications, information and bank technologies - " TIBO ' 2003 " (Minsk,"BELEXPO", 1-4 April 2003)
  • The Belarussian-Polish scientific and practical seminar and exhibition of innovative development (Brest, the Brest state technical university, on October, 9-11, 2002)
  • The 3-rd International Forum " High technologies of a defensive complex ", from April, 22 till April, 26, 2002 Moscow ,"Expocentre" on Red Presnya
  • The russian scientific and practical conference " Perfection of corporate management in the credit organizations, holdings and joint-stock companies of Russia ", Yaroslavl, on April, 16-17 2002
  • Permanent republican exhibition " Belarusian science for national economy", Minsk, 2001
  • "Days of Yaroslaviya in Minsk" (Minsk, on September, 11-14, 2001)
  • "Perspective technologies and systems: computer science, telecommunications, safety" (Minsk, on November, 6-9, 2001)
  • The interstate exhibition dedicated to decade of the Commonwealth of Independent States formation (Moscow, the Russia Exhibition Centre, on December, 10-14, 2001)
The Program results achieved in 2000-2004, allow to estimate high efficiency of an expenditure of means and cooperations of executors from Belarus and the Russian Federation.
21.02.2005 -
Republican Super- computer Centre has been created in the United Institute of Informatics Problems NAS of Belarus. Read more (in russian)...
6.12.2004 -
SKIF K-1000 Super- computer has won 1st place on 3 Vehicle Collision Task and 4th place on neon_refined task more detailed...
19.11.2004 -
SKIF K-1000 supercomputer is #98 in TOP500 of most productive supercomputers of the world
more detailed...
29.09.2004 -
"Progress of work" page was updated. New information about 12 cluster configurations was added.
more detailed...
SKIF K-1000 applied for supercomputer TOP500 list.
more detailed...
Presentation of the Program "SKIF" :
- a place in the NIS;
- prospects of practical use;
- calculations for mines and for BELAZ trucks;
- modelling collision of vehicles with motionless obstacles.
file size- 5,5 Mb (* file is in Russian)
There is a lot of different useful
information on Linux
(FAQ, manuals and so on)

more detailed
26-28 October 2004
Minsk, Belarus
International scientific

systems and their application"

 The system of program actions includes 21 tasks that provide works on creation of base constructive modules, element base, the system software, finished applied systems, etc.

The offer on prolongation for one year of terms of realization of the program "SKIF" is authorized by the decision of Council of Ministers of the Belarussian-Russian Union state from 29.12.2003 № 29.
The Program is designed for the period - 2000-2004 years.

The major practical result of four years of performance of the Program - release of 12 samples claster configurations with peak productivity, starting from first two samples with peak productivity of 20 billion operations per second up to « SKIF K-500 » with peak productivity over 700 billion operations per second.

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